Sunova launches New Sol Series Module with 182mm Wafer


Dec. 4, 2020, news from Wuxi, Sunova Solar launches its new Sol series solar PV module which based on large wafer size of 182 mm. The new module has achieved conversion rate up to 21.6% and total module power output of 590 W, in condition of mass production.

Based on mature mono PERC cell tech, multi bus bars and half-cut design, Sunova’s Sol series large power PV module significantly increased the total power output of single module so as to effectively reduce LCOE of PV farm for customers. According to Sunova, the Sol series module is in process of multiple certifications for market entrance, and is expected to be sold on global market in Q1 of 2021 to provide reliable products with higher ROI for global customers.

Believing in the large 182 mm * 182 mm wafer is one of the best formula for future PV module, Sunova’s utilized the bigger wafer as fundamental of its new large power PV module. Attached with other advanced cell and module technologies including the next generation of back printing technology, improved front and rear contact, optimized long wave response for the solar cell, Ga-doped silicon wafer, the new module product presents higher conversion rate, excellent power generation capacity and impressive reliability.

And based on mature mono PERC cell tech, multi-bus bar (10BB) and half-cut design, with optimized laser cutting process and high density encapsulation, module efficiency was successfully increased by 0.4%. The power output for 6*13 layout type reaches 590 W and the maximum conversion rate touches 21.6%.

New Sol Series Module with 182 mm Wafer Coming Off Line

Sunova Solar has kept close eyes on the latest trend of PV module manufacturing. The launching of Sol series large power PV modules complied with present situation in both manufacturing and application sides, and improved not only the power output but also the conversion efficiency. Meanwhile, Sunova Solar provides solutions for manufacturing process, reliability, packaging and logistics issue along with the utilization of large size wafer, and makes the 182 series large power PV module products the best choice of the market.

About Sunova Solar:

Founded in 2016, Sunova Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (Sunova Solar) is an international company specialized in photovoltaic products manufacturing, design, R&D, sales, and service. As the corporate vision being “Powering the future”, Sunova Solar is committed to becoming the leading manufacturer of the solar module industry, providing our customers with diversified high-quality, and cost-effective photovoltaic products and services. We aim to put our efforts into creating economic, social, and ecological values for our clients.