Susi Partners establishes solar PV platform in Italy


SUSI Partners, through SETF, has set up a platform for solar PV projects in Italy in partnership with a dedicated senior management team from an experienced clean energy developer. The platform was established in late 2021 and will see SUSI Partners working closely alongside the management team for the development and operation of utility-scale solar PV assets.

While the Italian solar PV market experienced slower growth following the expiration of government incentives after 2013, a new expansion phase is expected throughout the 2020s, as the country gears up to meet 2030 emission reduction targets. With rising carbon and gas prices supporting market electricity prices, and some of the highest irradiation levels in Europe ensuring high yields, fundamental drivers for the Italian solar PV market remain strong. In a market characterised by high development premiums for ready-to-build assets, SUSI’s platform with a dedicated development and operating team on the ground will benefit from low development costs and further savings across the value chain.

SETF was launched in 2020 as SUSI’s flagship equity fund. The fund has an evergreen structure and invests in sustainable energy infrastructure with a focus on OECD countries, covering the wide spectrum of investment opportunities arising from the energy transition.