Talesun Shows Latest Research Achievement in Silicone PV International Technology Conference


Apr. 8th to 10th , Suzhou Talesun Solar Technologies Co., Ltd. as a partner were firstly invited to Silicone PV forum in Belgium. CTO Mr. Paul Ni, R&D Director Mr. Qingzhu, Wei and Dr. Yang from Talesun attended the event, who had in-depth communication and discussion with international industrial senior experts. Through the conference, Talesun showed its strength in the R&D and the research achievements were highly acknowledged by experts in the forum.

Silicon PV has been able to take a unique position in the plethora of yearly PV conferences. It has established itself as the conference where in-depth new scientific insights and reviews in crystalline Si-based PV are combined with presentations on high-performance devices based on technological excellence. The conference identity is well established in the PV community and gathers about 350 people from all over the world, including students, scientists, technologists and PV experts from the industry. Moreover, the conference is now well known as a perfect place to foster innovations in the silicon PV world.

Talesun R&D team attended the Silicon PV conference with three latest studies, two of which were applied to PERC technology. To further improve the efficiency and reduce the cost, laser doping selective emitter (LDSE) as a promising technology was introduced into mass production line. In this work, Talesun fabricated high efficiency PERC solar cell by using LDSE technique. Firstly, they adjusted the diffusion process and obtained the best sheet resistance (115 ± 5 Ω/sq), which acquired an efficiency gain of 0.11%abs. During the optimizations, the best diffusion profile of the selective emitter obtained. Then, they prepared bifacial cells with rear aluminum grid pattern, instead of the full-area Al rear layer. By optimizing the width of the Al grid and the rear silicon nitride film thickness, the electrical performances and EQE of front side have minor but important changes, leading to an increase from 14.7% to 15.66% of the average efficiency of rear side. Moreover, the best result with a bifaciality about 80% was obtained on p-type bifacial cells.

In addition, PERC solar cell passivated on the backside with AlOx and SiNx was introduced to construct the perovskite/silicon four-terminal tandem solar cell. Different from the vast majority of the related reports, the study is focused on the improvement of perovskite top cell and the silicon bottom cell which was optimized here to promote the tandem efficiency.

Talesun has a first-class scientific research team and rich experience in production, management and marketing, promoting the quality of solar cells and modules, therefore providing better products and services for customers.