Talesun Solar Attends EnerGaia 2022, Paving the Way for Overseas Expansion


From December 7 to 8, EnerGaia 2022, an annual event for professionals in the renewable energy sector, was held in Montpellier, France. As a major EU country, France is in a renewable energy transition and has been hosting the show for several years.

In May of this year, the EU announced a Joint European Action that it has dubbed REPower EU, to assure more affordable, secure and sustainable energy with the aim of reducing dependence on Russia and accelerating the shift to green energy by adding more renewable sources and expanding LNG imports. For the development and utilization of photovoltaic (PV) power, the 27-country political and economic union has formulated the EU Solar Energy Strategy, a plan to grow grid-connected PV capacity to 320GW by 2025 and to 600GW by 2030. This translates into a need during the period 2022-2030 to add nearly 50GW of new PV installations per year on average. By 2030, together with non-EU countries, the installed PV capacity throughout the region is expected come close to 650GW, accounting for 31 percent of the overall energy mix.

In recent years, France has become a popular PV market. As the second largest energy consumer in Europe, the country has set out a series of policies including the multi-year energy strategy (PPE) and the French Energy Strategy for 2050, with PV installation targets of 20.1GW by 2023, 35.1-44GW by 2028, and 100GW by 2050. France is also the first country in the region to impose carbon footprint requirements on PV modules, requiring PV projects with a capacity of 100kW or more to use modules with a carbon footprint of less than 550kg eq CO2/kWp, making it a pioneer in controlling carbon emissions by tracking the PV supply chain.

The outlook for the global PV market has become more promising as China's PV sector expands internationally, in tandem with the new possibilities brought about by the country's modification of its strict pandemic controls. As part of Talesun Solar's globalization strategy, timing could not be better for the company's European team to drive global electricity towards green and clean energy as its production capacity, deliverability and product portfolio continue to be enhanced.

A stunning all-black design combined with high efficiency

Aesthetic in appearance and high performing, Talesun Solar's all-black solar PV modules are made of dark monocrystalline silicon cells integrated into a low-profile pure black design. The modules are suitable for scenarios where look and feel are important including residential rooftops, landscape enclosures, and PV carports. They can effectively meet customers' expectations in terms of design, vastly raising the acceptability among home owners, home improvement specialists and architects who had previously raised concerns about their appearance. Additionally, the modules are available in a wide range of models, with flexible application solutions, making them ideal for distributed scenarios in the European market. The modules give the home, office or factory on which they are installed a premium look in tandem with outstanding power generation performance.

Demonstrating a strong commitment to the industry and striving for excellence

The two-day event came to a successful conclusion, but Talesun Solar's technological innovation does not stop there. After a decade during which Talesun Solar gained a reputation for its innovative approach to everything that it does, the company has emerged as a world-leading PV maker, one of China's top PV power plant developers, and an entity at the forefront of PV manufacturing in China. The company's planned annual production capacity has expanded to 16GW solar PV monocrystalline high-efficiency cells and 20GW solar PV high-efficiency modules.

Looking ahead, Talesun Solar will continue to enhance its proprietary technologies in line with the development trend of the PV industry, apply the same level of attention to every unit that rolls off its production lines as it has done since the first day of operations in order to offer the best in services to European customers, and contribute its prowess and expertise to the global energy transformation.