The digital company Softeco grows in the field of drone-based aerial inspections for PV power plants


Softeco, which already held 40% of the company’s shares, thus rises to 59% of the share capital, acquiring the company control.

Through this extraordinary transaction, the digital company brings to the TerniEnergia Group a significant technological opportunity, represented by the possibility of using the proprietary PV Inspector technology, developed by Softeco and used exclusively by Sundrone, for operation and maintenance and asset management activities involving 283 MW of solar energy production plants, both for its own and for third parties, also at an international level. PV Inspector is a fully automated imaging analysis solution for multispectral thermographies and visual inspections, which faster and reliabler acquisition of digital data for the prevention and detection of failures and malfunctions of photovoltaic plants.

For Softeco this is an important opportunity to increase its technological specialization in the field of smart asset management.