The Largest Commercial PV Project in Armenia is Completed


Shtigen LLC,  the exclusive agency of KSTAR in Armenia, is a professional PV solutions provider,who is committed to energy saving for business of all sizes and the increase of competitiveness and profitability using the sun. The company’s work was ever completed successfully on Armenia’s third large-scale solar PV plant,where Shtigen LLC commissioned the 1 MW project two years ago in the presence of Armenia’s Prime Minister, Karen Karapetyan,according to PV-Magazine report.

In order to introduce smart PV solutions to the customers and reduce costs, maintain a high level of safety, the 2.2MW ArSun-1&2 PV system is equipped with KSTAR solar inverters KSG 60KW. Power from the system is converted using the advanced technology of KSTAR smart PV commercial solution that includes AC output overloading up to 110%, SVG function with fast response to the reactive power control,low investment, as well as low consumption and high yields.

The plant comprises of 5832 PV modules (380Wp) connected to 36 inverters. It is expected to generate power (up to 3.4 mln kWh annually) and is supplied to the national grid. In addition, the project is co-financed by the ArmSwissBank within the framework of the “Programme for the Promotion of Renewable Energies: German-Armenian Renewable Energy Fund (GAF-RE) Phase III” funded by KfW Development Bank and implemented by the German-Armenian Fund of the Central Bank of Armenia with the technical consultancy of Fichtner.

Choosing Armenia as an important new energy market is one of KSTAR’s overseas developing strategies. Armenia has a significant solar energy potential. The average annual amount of solar energy flow per square meter of horizontal surface is about 1720 kWh (the average European is 1000 kWh). One fourth of the country’s territory is endowed with solar energy resources of 1850 kWh/m2/year, according to Ministry of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources of The Republic of Armenia.

“When we look at the environmental factors like much sun light in Armenia, KSTAR and Shtigen LLC have a responsibility to work together.Our customers hope we do what is right for a better life. The solar power plants are significant for us to move on,increasing renewable energy supply.  We are working hard to keep this going and powering a green future.” Said the sales director Mr. Ye from KSTAR.