Thornova Solar module receives Kiwa PVEL Top Performer award


Wuxi, 5 June 2024.- Sunova/Thornova are proud to announce that the bifacial PERC module TS-BG72 (550), equivalent to the Zosma M Pro 550, achieved top ratings across five accelerating stress tests conducted by Kiwa PVEL as part of its product qualification program (PQP). The accelerated tests included thermal cycling, damp heat, mechanical stress sequences, and light and elevated temperature-induced degradation (LETID).

“We're incredibly proud that our first module has demonstrated outstanding reliability and performance from Kiwa PVEL, a leading test lab,” said William Sheng, CEO of Thornova Solar. “This result underlines our commitment to providing exceptional products to our customers. We will continue having further module types going through this tough testing procedure to show that the trust our current customers place in us continues to be justified and to convince other potential clients that your modules are an excellent choice for their large-scale projects in terms of reliability and durabilty.”

“Congratulations to Thornova Solar for receiving the Top Performer status for the 2024 Scorecard editions,” commented Tristan Erion-Lorico, VP of sales and marketing at Kiwa PVEL. “As a newcomer to our PQP program we are impressed with the strong results achieved in 5 categories, which shows the company's commitment to provide high quality PV modules to its customers.”

In the thermal cycling test the Thornova Solar TS-BG72 (550) showed an average deviation of -0.37% in post-stress change in Pmax related to the initial measurement after light soaking compared to the <-2% of Pmax deviation threshold set by Kiwa PVEL.

In regard to damp heat testing at 85°C and 85% relative humidity (RH), the bifacial Thornova Solar TS-BG72 (550) module proved its outstanding quality by showing only -1.41% average reduction of Pmax in post-stress measurements.

The Thornova Solar modules passed the mechanical stress sequence (MSS) with a very good result of on average -0.63%, showing they can withstand heavy wind and snow loads.

The Thornova Solar module showed extremely low deviation of on average only 0.24% on the LETID stress tests, which take place at 75°C and take 486 hours at PVEL but only 162 hours for IEC 61215-2016 module certification.

In conclusion, the bifacial Thornova Solar TS-BG72 (550) PERC module, equivalent to Sunova Solar’s Zosma M Pro 550, clearly proves the high-quality material use and manufacturing process. The Top Performer award confirms the trust customers have in the Sunova/Thornova Solar products. Currently, our N-type TOPCon modules are tested at PVEL.

For more information or the full report please contact your nearest sales office, our technical support team or Kiwa PVEL.

More details on the tests can also be found on our webpage