TOPCon ace, Astronergy strength wows in all facets — 454MW Astronergy TOPCon PV Modules Signed to Offer for Huge Project


A total of 454MW ASTRO N n-type TOPCon PV modules are ready to set off, Astronergy TOPCon is to set foot in the LATAM region after landing in Australia and Europe. Ace in TOPCon tech and pioneer in TOPCon mass production, the Tier 1-rated company wowed the industry again with its strength.

KA from Astronergy said 454MW ASTRO N n-type TOPCon PV modules were signed to offer a huge solar plant – Vista Alegre in Brazil. These modules are expected to finish their journey to Brazil in February of 2024 and will structure over half of the project. That’s great recognition for Astronergy n-type TOPCon PV products.

Since its involvement in the PV industry in 2016, Astronergy is always standing at the front of each generation of PV tech. The smart manufacturing strength of Astronergy grows all its products with capacities to resist all possible tough situations and to function in customers’ scenarios, which supports the company winning certifications from TüV Rhineland, PVEL, CTC National Inspection Group and other domestic and foreign authoritative testing organizations.

Recently, a depth assessment of Astronergy business conditions, products' materials and production links conducted by Underwriter Laboratories Inc. (UL) clarified the company’s low carbon and intelligent performances in raw materials and links of design, testing, manufacturing, delivery, installation, and product value.

And according to UL's statement in the Astronergy bankability report, the ASTRO N series TOPCon products have impressive performances in power, efficiency, low-carbon lines and other important indexes of PV modules, such as LCOE, and low-temperature coefficient. UL also gives positive comments on Astronergy’s systematisms, intellectualization, and traceability of all production processes.