Towards a zero-carbon future, Phono Solar has become a 100% green factory


This achievement has also been awarded China's first 100% green energy consumption certification issued by China Quality Certification Center (CQC)!

With the establishment of the 1.5°C temperature control target in the “Paris Agreement” and the establishment of China's '30·60′ decarbonization goal, as well as the implementation of policies such as the EU's CBAM carbon tariff and carbon footprint, coping with climate change risks and achieving carbon neutrality have become irreversible globally. As a clean energy practitioner and one of the earliest enterprises in China to enter the photovoltaic field, Phono Solar actively explores and deepens the path of green and low-carbon transformation. In addition to increasing the proportion of green electricity consumption, many efforts have been made in energy conservation and efficiency improvement such as production line upgrades, equipment energy efficiency improvements, and energy optimization management, and the unit energy consumption has been reduced by 12 percentage points.

The 100% green electricity production of Phono Solar factory is a new goal achieved in the pursuit of green business, which further embodies its “sustainablilty” development concept. To achieve this goal, Phono Solar has formulated a series of innovative actions to achieved “carbon neutral factory”. Phono Solar Nanjing Production Base is an important part of its global manufacturing system. After analyzing the power consumption of the factories, combined with the early photovoltaic projects in the park, Phono Solar has built a new comprehensive energy smart application demonstration park. The demonstration park is powered by wind power, roof distributed photovoltaic, ground photovoltaic power station, BIPV photovoltaic carport, BIPV steel structure roof distributed photovoltaic power station, diesel generator, intelligent AC and DC charging pile, wind-solar complementary intelligent street lamp and energy storage power station.

In fact, the 100% green power factory is not the first milestone of Phono Solar in pursuit of green business. In addition to improving the energy efficiency of production line equipment and optimizing energy management, Phono Solar brand modules have also successfully passed the three-star certification of China's green building materials products, and successfully obtained the China Green Building Materials Product Certification. Passing this assessment needs to meet the requirements of building safety standards, building impact assessment, raw material utilization rate, carbon footprint verification, product power generation efficiency and decay rate, and product service life.

In the future, Phono Solar will continue to practice the brand concept of stability, reliability and sustainability, and strive to make every module in the hands of customers come from green power. While realizing its own economic and environmental goals, Phono Solar will further enhance the brand reputation and market competitiveness of its products to lead the green development of the industry and build a better future for mankind.