Ulbrich Solar Technologies begins high volume production of Light-Capturing Ribbon


The grooved interconnect ribbon’s unique design enables module makers to achieve approximately two percent or more module power output gain. The improved efficiency is achieved by “recapturing” the light that normally leaves the module after striking the surface of standard ribbon.

The LCR product began development in 2007. Recent advances in its design and manufacturing have enabled Ulbrich to mass produce and commercialize this leading edge solar ribbon product. Additional advances in the use of conductive films and adhesives as a reliable means of attaching ribbons to cells make LCR a compelling option for module makers.

These improvements solve the challenge in attaching the “solder-less” LCR to the solar cell. Ulbrich has also developed the capability to selectively apply solder only on the bottom (flat) side of the ribbon. This capability gives customers the ability to achieve the benefits of LCR while continuing to use solder connections on one side.

“We’ve just completed installation of a second LCR production line at our South Carolina facility, and we have plans to expand capacity further to our facilities in Europe and Asia in 2012-2013,” commented Don Hennon, newly appointed Director of Global Sales & Marketing.

Ulbrich Solar Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in Westminster, South Carolina. Ulbrich Solar Technologies is dedicated to providing world class photovoltaic ribbon, interconnect wire, bus ribbon and solar tabbing to solar module makers.