UNEF estimates that the 900 million euros investment plan for self-consumption announced by the Spanish government will allow the installation of 3,500 MW


For UNEF, this item represents a great opportunity for self-consumption, not only to continue to be a vital instrument in the fight against climate change, replacing the use of fossil fuels with photovoltaic installations that use clean energy that does not release emissions such as that from the sun, but also to be a driving force in Spain's economic recovery. It also estimates that it will allow the installation of 3,500 MW.

Specifically, this aid will allocate 200 million euros to the residential sector and public administrations, 150 million euros to industry and the agricultural sector and 100 million euros to the services sector. In total, 450 million euros, a first package that will later be extended to 900 million euros. UNEF estimates that this distribution will allow the installation of 1,400 MW in the industrial sector, 1,600 MW in the service sector and public administrations, and 500 MW in the residential sector.

The Comunidades Autónomas will be responsible for managing their distribution. UNEF appreciates the fact that access to these allocations has been provided by simple concurrence and points out that the key to the success of this distribution is that the management of this aid is carried out in an agile and rapid manner. Furthermore, in order to achieve the desired effect, it will be necessary to provide the staff responsible for this management with the appropriate resources.

MITECO has also announced an allocation of 110 million euros, which can be increased to 220 million euros, for storage behind meters. It will finance the purchase of batteries for both new and existing photovoltaic self-consumption installations. The aim is to enable companies and households to have greater control over the management and consumption of their energy.