Valorem enters Swedish market to co-develop 1 GW of wind, solar


This partnership represents a significant development for VALOREM as it simultaneously expands its activities in a new country and strengthens its overall presence in Northern Europe. VALOREM’s expansion strategy in Sweden is built upon the collaboration with its trusted local partner, chosen for its experience and expertise in the region. The signature of this agreement echoes the shared history between VALOREM and the founding members of TRIBRID, marked by close cooperation in onshore wind power in the Nordics in the 2010’s.

Active in Finland since 2010, VALOREM is currently developing in the country a portfolio of + 1,5GW of wind and solar projects, including 400 MW of onshore wind assets already brought to RTB (ready-to-build stage) representing more than 1,2 TWh of green electricity.

VALOREM’s entry into Sweden is a strategic move that aligns with our growth strategy and serves to further consolidate our presence in the Nordics, already established with a substantial portfolio in Finland. The partnership with TRIBRID holds promises and we are enthusiastic to collaborate together in order to meet the strong demand for electricity expected in Sweden over the next few years. We are proud to be taking an active role in the country’s energy transition. We will contribute to develop competitive, local and reliable renewable energy in close cooperation with local communities.


TRIBRID and its experienced founding team is looking forward to make a significant contribution to the development of renewable energy in Sweden. Our company is committed to facilitating the transition of innovative industries and sectors to renewable energy sources to meet their growing energy needs. We are eager to cooperate with VALOREM, a company that has been a pioneer in renewable energy and a key player in France for 30 years. Together, we will develop competitive projects with a clear innovative edge providing numerous economic benefits for the region.

Carl-Christian BOHL, CEO and Partner of TRIBRID

VALOREM’s expansion into Sweden is a key step to enhance its role as a European IPP (Independent Power Producer), with a mission to bolster Europe’s energy sovereignty and ensure a local, secured and stable priced green electricity supply. This aligns with broader goals of energy security and stability within the European market.

VALOREM would like to thank all the advisors who have made this partnership agreement successful: Hannes Snellman Atorneys Ltd, Ernst and Young, and Sweco for VALOREM, and Cirio Advokatbyrå and Renewable Sweden for TRIBRID.