VSUN have launched VSUN605-120BMH-DG module at Intersolar Europe Restart 2021


As a solar module manufacturer and PV solution provider, VSUN has been dedicated to the R&D and technology innovation of new products with an emphasis on high efficiency and reliability. VSUN incorporates the latest technology and officially launches the VSUN605-120BMH-DG series for utility projects to further reduce LCOE and help the arrival of zero carbon era.

VSUN605-120BMH-DG improves module layout and performance, inherits conventional 120 half cell configuration and continues the advantage of being highly reliable, shading-resistant and hot-sot free. Furthermore, VSUN605-120BHM-DG module is designed to be compatible with the original racking design for installation in landscape orientation. Being compatible with different racking, more power in each array can be generated. It is worth mentioning that the high string power design increases current without elevating voltage. The number of modules connected in series thus will not reduce due to the 1500V limit.

VSUN SOLAR actively researches and innovates full life cycle solar solution including product design, manufacturing, packaging, logistics, project installation and recycle based on customer value. VSUN launches products and solutions for different markets and applications to meet different customer needs.