Weiheng Ecactus C&I Energy Storage System is IEC 62619 and IEC 63056 certified by Intertek


This certification not only underscores the system's high standards but also signifies a crucial achievement for Weiheng Ecactus in its successful expansion into the international market.

TIANWU, a liquid-cooling all-in-one commercial and industrial ESS, is integrated with energy storage converter, battery, BMS, EMS, thermal management, power distribution, fire protection, etc. The all-in-one design ensures easy installation, operation, and maintenance. TIANWU features Tier-one CATL battery modules (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited) inside and cutting-edge liquid-cooling technology. Paired with a comprehensive system safety design and the smart energy management system-PANGU OS, it significantly enhances battery performance and prolongs its lifespan. Multiple sets of cabinets can be directly connected in parallel to realize energy storage system expansion.

The IEC 62619 and IEC 63056 certificate issued by Intertek indicates that the product has passed the relevant tests of battery energy storage systems and meets the requirements of this standard in terms of safety. Intertek's certification stands as a robust guarantee, reinforcing Weiheng Ecactus's entry into global markets with confidence and credibility.

Intertek Energy Storage Systems and Converters Laboratory boasts a comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art testing equipment and a team of seasoned testing engineers. Holding accreditations from CNAS (China National Accreditation Committee for Conformity Assessment), A2LA (United States Accreditation Association for Laboratory), NRTL (United States National Accreditation Laboratory), CCS (Australia), MNRE (India), INMETRO (Brazil), NOM (Mexico), and BSMI (Taiwan), among others, their laboratory is recognized globally. Services extend across the entire Asia-Pacific region, offering testing and certification services for batteries, converters/inverters, and energy storage products, facilitating seamless access to global markets.