WEIHENG ECACTUS showcases comprehensive product upgrade at Intersolar 2024


At the exhibition, WEIHENG ECACTUS displayed several 2024 new products, covering residential, C&I ESS, and charging stations, providing one-stop smart energy solutions with a customer-oriented and market-driven service philosophy.


TIANWU-AIO-C&I all-in-one BESS 100kW/233kWh: Alongside the existing 233B, the newly launched 233A full liquid cooling system is designed for the German market, maintaining a cell temperature difference of ±1.5°C and achieving a maximum conversion efficiency of 91%. Pre-installed with CATL battery modules, the cabinet can be shipped as a whole, addressing transportation, installation, and maintenance issues, significantly reducing the delivery cycle from order to operation.

Residential Battery Box

MYRTILLO 5~30kWh: Modular design with expandable capacity from 5kWh to 30kWh. The new upgrade includes an optional smart heating module, enabling 100% charge and discharge even at -20°C in Nordic regions. With a high-quality battery ensuring up to 10,000 charge and discharge cycles, it features IP65 protection for diverse installation scenarios and complies with UL 9540A safety standards.

Three Phase Hybrid AIO BESS

AGAVE-TH 5~13kW/10~30kWh: Suitable for both residential and small C&I ESS, supporting up to 200% PV overloading and 110% three-phase unbalanced output. Its wireless design simplifies installation, saving up to 75% of the module installation time. It also meets UL 9540A certification standards.

Other exhibited products included the ALOE EV charging station 7kW~11kW, single-phase hybrid inverter COPIA-SH 3.6kW~6kW, and three-phase hybrid inverter COPIA TH 5kW~13kW, which garnered significant attention.

PANGU OS: AI-empowered One-Stop Solution

Developed by WEIHENG ECACTUS's core team, the PANGU OS energy management system integrates cloud SaaS services with advanced AI edge control, creating an elastic and lightweight “AI+” interactive ecosystem. PANGU OS enhances PCS stability with unique networking intelligent control strategies and high-frequency synchronous pulse and precise phase control systems. It also introduces a leading AI cooling control algorithm, optimizing system efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and lowering operational costs for clients.

Global Service and Certification Capabilities

WEIHENG ECACTUS is dedicated to improving global customer service experience and continuous product quality innovation. It has acquired international certifications such as UN38.3, IEC 62619, IEC 61000, IEC 62040, IEC 63056; German VDE 4105; North American UL 1973, UL 9540A; The United Kingdom G99 COC; Australian AS/NZS 4777.2; Italian CEI-016 & CEI-021; and Thailand MEA&PEA, demonstrating its global service capability.

Strategic Partnerships Driving Global Smart Energy

WEIHENG ECACTUS's growth relies on the support of global strategic partners. Partners like SolarGateway from the Netherlands, UNIMOT Energia i Gaz from Poland, and SoftControl A/S from Denmark support WEIHENG ECACTUS ‘s expansion in global smart energy.

WEIHENG ECACTUS will continue to provide high-quality products and delivery capabilities, offering better service experiences for global customers, aiding in achieving global carbon neutrality, and promoting the rapid development of smart energy.


WEIHENG ECACTUS is one of the world’s leading and fastest growing suppliers of integrated energy storage systems. We design, manufacture, deploy, and service power storage systems for utilities and clear energy power generators (solar, hydrogen), industrial and commercial

users, residential and distributed power storage. For more information, please visit: https://www.weiheng-tech.com/en/