pv magazine Sustainability Award 2019 Submission

  • Product or service name
  • What is the product or service? What makes it sustainable, other than it generates solar electricity? For example, how recyclable is the product? How is it recycled? What is its carbon footprint? Does it reduce or supplant hazardous or toxic materials? [200 words]
  • Is the product/company part of a third party certification scheme, like the Carbon Disclosure Project, Cradle to Cradle, Going landfill free (with verification by NSF Sustainability), or the Declare label? Have you joined the PEF standard? Are you involved in the circular economy? [200 words]
  • Do you publish a sustainability report, which measures impacts, emissions, energy use, water and waste; and which can compare progress from year to year? Have your manufacturing facilities adopted new innovations that have increased production line environmental efficiencies (in energy or water consumption or waste reduction), for example? [200 words]
  • Any further details on the contribution to sustainability made by your product/solution are welcome! [100 words]
  • Please provide supporting material of value to jurors including data sheets, certifications, supporting publications, or photos. Accepted file types are jpg, gif, png and pdf. You may upload up to three files of up to 10MB each.
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    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.

    October 1, 2019