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Why solar needs to slim down on silver

New research from UNSW in Australia outlines the need for solar cell and module makers to reduce or eliminate the use of silver in their products. Based on expected PV growth, in line with climate change commitments, solar manufacturers would require at least 85% of global silver reserves, according to the new study.


Australia funds ultra-low-cost PV future

The strength of applications for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s ultra-low-cost solar research funding round was so strong that the agency had to add AUD 1.5 million ($1.03 million) to its original allocation. The strength of competition pushed the process into 2023, but the 13 research projects aiming to achieve ultra-low-cost solar have now been awarded.


Neoen presses ‘go’ on construction of fourth Australian big battery

France’s Neoen has begun construction on its 200 MW/400 MWh Western Downs Battery in the Australian state of Queensland. It is Neoen’s fourth big battery in Australia and brings its storage portfolio to 776 MW/1,279 MWh in operation or under construction. 

Airbus taps Australian researchers to develop high-efficiency solar cells for space

Researchers from the University of New South Wales have been chosen to work with Airbus Defence and Space on a strategic research program to fast-track the development of high-efficiency solar cells for space applications.

Danish renewables giant buys Australian megaproject

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners has sharpened its focus on long-duration storage in Australia with the acquisition of the proposed Bowen Renewable Energy Hub project, which is expected to combine 1.4 GW of pumped hydro storage with huge solar and wind generation.


3D electronics printer has potential to reshape solar and storage

Australian startup Syenta has developed a 3D printer capable of printing highly complex and functional electronics like photovoltaics, batteries, sensors and more, promising to do so in ways that are faster, cheaper and use less energy.


New method brings durability of perovskite solar cells closer to silicon

Researchers from the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia have reportedly developed a perovskite solar cell with comparable stability and durability to commercial silicon PV cells. They used a high-temperature processing method with dimethylammonium chloride to control the intermediate phases of perovskite crystallization.


The Hydrogen Stream: Hydrogen production set for Tasmania

As Australia’s hydrogen project pipeline doubles in 12 months, Iberdrola announces investment in a green hydrogen and green methanol production plant in Tasmania. Meanwhile, projects in Scandinavia target the shipping industry.


New record for fastest single-charge solar EV over 1,000 km claimed

A solar-powered electric vehicle, designed and built by students of Australia’s University of New South Wales, has claimed a provisional Guinness World Record by going 1,000 km on a single charge in under 12 hours.


Next year will bring micro and mega grids

This year has witnessed upheaval in the global energy system as inflation, geopolitical conflict, and the reality of a changing climate continue to drive the transition to cleaner energy. Next year, these trends are likely to continue and accelerate as renewable energy adoption continues to grow and the inextricable link between energy security and national security is increasingly recognized. Alan Greenshields, of US-based iron-salt flow battery maker ESS Inc, offers four predictions for 2023.


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