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Nova Scotia gold mine could host PV-plus-pumped hydro storage energy hub

A new partnership will investigate the viability of colocating a closed-loop pumped hydro energy storage facility with solar PV at the site of a former gold mine in Moose River in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. Atlantic Mining, owner of the mine, and Natural Forces, a renewables company with 300 MW of operational capacity in Canada, are optimistic the project will be feasible.

Apricus Generation buys stake in Nexus Renewables

US-headquartered Apricus Generation says it has acquired a controlling stake in Toronto-based Nexus Renewables – its first strategic acquisition.

Policy uncertainty creates ‘gap’ between hydrogen aims and reality, says BNEF

BloombergNEF (BNEF) says in a new study of 1,600 planned hydrogen projects that governments will miss their 2030 hydrogen targets. Analyst Adithya Bhashyam tells pv magazine that most of the announced projects to the end of this decade lack the key conditions for success.

All-perovskite tandem PV cell based on carboranes hits 27.2% efficiency

Researchers have developed a thermal regulation strategy to improve the performance of inverted tin-lead perovskite tech for all-perovskite tandem solar cells. It has an efficiency of 23.4% and contributed to a 27.2% efficiency in a tandem cell while ensuring stability.

US, Canada ramp up solar glass plans

With PV module capacity ramping up, glass suppliers have been investing in new solar glass production capacity. As in India and China, new facilities are popping up in North America, with unique twists to ensure competitiveness, such as using recycled material.


Cadmium-doped perovskite solar cell achieves 22.7% efficiency

A Chinese-Canadian research group has utilized for the first time a cadmium iodide doping technique to stabilize the blade coating process in the manufacturing of solar cells based on formamidinium lead iodide (FAPbI3) perovskite. The academics built a cell showing a considerable increase in efficiency compared to an identical device without cadmium doping.

3D printed clamps for front-surface PV mounting on wood racking

A research team proposed a new PV mounting solution relying on two types of spacers and two types of clamps that can be printed with common printing materials. The cost of the different solutions presented varies from CAD1.50 ($1.10) to CAD3.83.


Research shows high-albedo ground reflectors increase bifacial solar plant yield by up to 4.5%

Tests conducted by Canadian researchers at the NREL’s testing field in Colorado have shown that ground reflectors based on high-density polyethylene can significantly increase bifacial PV plant performance. They stressed the profitability of this technology is strictly dependent on the location and warned avoiding to combine it with inverter clipping.


PV-driven hybrid hydrogen fuel cell system for building applications

Scientist in Canada have proposed to combine rooftop PV power generation with an alkaline electrolyzer and a fuel cell to generate hydrogen in buildings. The new system is intended at enabling seasonal energy storage and reduce a home’s levelized cost of energy.


The Hydrogen Stream: Stadler finalizes longest hydrogen train test

Stadler says it has wrapped up a hydrogen train test, while Ballard has secured a long-term agreement to supply 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell engines through 2027.


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