Czech Republic

Jufa buys two PV plants totaling 17 MW in Czech Republic

Through this operation, the Czech investment firm has raised the capacity of its PV power plant portfolio to 69 MW.

Czech Republic sees 1 MW storage project, plans for 10 MW more

A 1.2 MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) has been installed in the Czech Republic by Solar Global and Alfen. Plans for another, 10 MW, project have been revealed.

Czech solar association calls for policies to support industry growth

As Czech politicians negotiate to form a coalition government after the recent elections, the country’s solar association Solarni Asociace calls for stability, and warns incoming policymakers against the politicization of supporting for solar.

Czech storage market on the starting blocks

Storage systems with a combined capacity of up to 100 MW could be installed in the Czech Republic under a specific incentive program by 2020.

Czech Republic allocates additional funds for commercial PV

In addition to the Green Savings Programe, the Czech government has now started to provide solar incentives through the Operational Program for Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Competitiveness (OPPIK).

Czech Republic expands options for rooftop PV under Green Savings Programme

The scheme, which provides investment support for residential and commercial PV systems, now includes the possibility of expanding projects developed under the program’s previous phases.

Czech Republic provides incentives for solar-plus-storage

The Czech government is supporting the adoption of solar-plus-storage solutions through a specific incentive program. Each kW of PV installed must be coupled with at least 5 kW of storage capacity.


Czech solar market shows first signs of revival in residential segment

The Czech solar market collapsed in 2014 after the country’s FIT scheme was shut down. After two years of almost zero growth, the country’s PV market registered a slight increase in new installations in 2016. This growth was mainly due to the support program for sustainable buildings.