Greece’s net metering: success or failure?

Greece has published its latest net metering statistics. Where does that leave the country’s net metering PV market today, and what are the immediate business drivers?

Greece: new renewable energy law provides feed-in premiums and virtual net-metering

Greece’s solar PV market has been a roller coaster over the last decade. The new law, approved last week by Greece’s parliament, in support of renewable energies attempts to establish the country’s clean energy sector with some solid foundations.

Greece’s islands are in need of more PV and storage

While Greece’s solar PV market starts to gather heat, pv magazine explores why Greece’s non-interconnected island region is the country’s number one spot in need of more solar PV and storage projects.


Greece considers new retroactive PV cuts

Greece’s solar PV drama appears open-ended, at least as long as the deficit in the fund that remunerates renewable energy generators remains. Rumors about new retroactive tariff cuts in existing PV installations are spreading throughout the country.

Greece to auction new PV power

Greece is set to publish a new policy framework for the support of renewable energies in June, with the aim of putting it into law by July. Two pilot auctions for around 50 MW of solar PV will take place as part of the policy.

Greece begins second round of net metering applications 

Greece is set to begin accepting applications for net metering systems to connect to the medium voltage electricity grid. Will this new approach lead to an uptick in new PV installations?

Greece’s new government: new energy policy?

With Greece forming a new government, will the country at last engage with the serious reforms it needs to keep it afloat? And will the energy sector embrace groundbreaking technological change?

What next for Greece’s energy sector? 

After weeks of tremendous uncertainty, a Euro Summit on Sunday led to an agreement that allows Greece and its Eurozone creditors to start negotiations for a new loan. What does the deal mean for Greece’s energy system, and how will renewable energies be affected?

Greece turns to lignite

Greece’s electricity market operator LAGIE published this week the country’s latest renewable energy statistics concerning the first four months of 2015. According to LAGIE’s report, Greece installed 7 MW of new photovoltaics from January to April. Specifically, all new installations were added in January and February, while in March and April there was no installation activity at all.

Greece added just 13 MW in 2014

Despite technically reaching grid parity, Greece installed a mere 13 MW of new solar PV in 2014, according to official statistics released last week.

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