Ukraine’s project to make Chernobyl solar energy hub moves forward

The prime minister of Ukraine said large-scale solar projects to be built in the contaminated area of the nuclear disaster will be selected through clear and transparent bidding rules.


Ukrainian government reports growing interest for solar under net metering

Around 3.4 MW of PV systems were installed in Ukraine under its net metering scheme in the first quarter of this year. The scheme was introduced by the Ukrainian government in 2015.


Ukraine’s Lviv region sees 10 MW of solar come online

The solar plant was built by local developer LigAgro under Ukraine’s FIT program at a cost of $10 million.

Ukraine approves new law to make energy market more competitive

The eastern European country has adopted a new law to liberalize the energy market and to meet requirements of the EU energy legislation. State support for renewable energies will be maintained.


Ukrainian region of Kherson to host 35 MW solar plant

The Kherson Oblast, Ukraine’s southernmost region, will host a 35 MW PV plant. The region could also see the installation of around 250 MW of PV power this year, according to local authorities.

Ukraine’s PV capacity tops 530.8 MW

Ukraine installed almost 100 MW of new PV systems in 2016. The country’s cumulative installed PV power reached 530.8 at the end of last year. Local agency SAEE predicts 150 MW of new PV installations for 2017, while the association UARE expects between 300 MW and 400 MW.

Scatec Solar seeks to develop PV plants in Ukraine

The Norwegian solar developer is considering the construction of two PV plants totalling 60 MW in Ukraine. The company is discussing opportunities with local deputy Minister of Energy.

Ukraine: 39 groups apply to build solar plants in Chernobyl wasteland

More than three decades after the catastrophic Chernobyl meltdown, the plan to use the nuclear wasteland for solar energy is slowly taking shape.


Ukraine: Rapid expansion of solar PV continues in 2017

In 2017, 54 new solar projects with a total capacity of 460 MW will be implemented enabling the country to exceed 1 GW of installed PV plants.


Aside from problems with Russia, Ukraine offers top conditions for PV

Ukraine has emerged as an ambiguous destination for PV. It provides some eye-catching tariffs and boasts very good solar irradiation. If only political risks did not exist.

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