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United Kingdom

China holds the key to cancelling half the world’s new coal project plans

With pressure mounting on the world’s governments to turn their back on the fossil fuel, China and peers in South East Asia, Europe and South Asia could help deliver a coal-free future at the COP26 climate summit planned in Glasgow in November.

Construction begins on UK’s largest storage project

FRV, Harmony Energy, and Tesla are building a 99 MW/198 MWh facility in Essex. The system will rely on the Megapack solution from the U.S. manufacturer.


Solar projects can protect archaeological treasures

The shallow pilings used on solar farms can offer relief to subsoil structures which might otherwise be threatened by regular plowing and, as Italy’s biggest solar project has demonstrated, site surveying for PV projects can unearth hidden delights.


The role of chlorine in thin film solar

Scientists in the UK have explained the mechanism behind chlorine used to boost the efficiency of cadmium telluride thin-film solar cells. With new understanding of the chemical processes at work in the manufacturing process, the group hopes to be able to push for cell efficiencies beyond 25%.

Scotland includes solar in commitments after Greens power-sharing agreement

Friday’s announcement of a new arrangement in the Scottish Parliament has led to the inclusion of Green policies in a document issued jointly with the SNP. Solar gets a mention, but stays very much in the shadow of wind power.

UK energy company ordered to pay overdue FIT contribution

Newcomer Symbio Energy has been told it must hand over £450,000 it owes to the FIT program which reimburses small scale renewable energy generators. The payment is already a week overdue.

PV-powered geothermal heat pump system for greenhouses

The PV-powered geothermal heat pump system was tested for a year, with measurements taken by Researchers at the University of Nottingham. The UK group showed it was able to maintain an indoor temperature over 16 Celsius degrees in all seasons, except for winter.

Sungrow switches on 100 MW/100 MWh storage system in the UK

One of the largest storage facilities in wider Europe has come online. In the future, it will provide network services and help prevent power outages in the U.K., such as the one that occurred in August 2019.


A closer look at liquid air energy storage

A British-Australian research team has assessed the potential of liquid air energy storage (LAES) for large scale application. The scientists estimate that these systems may currently be built at a cost between €300 and €600 per kilowatt-hour and that a positive business case could be favored by certain conditions, including a determined price structure in the energy market and the presence of a grid unable to support high levels of renewable energy penetration.


UK power generation in 2020: Renewables up to 43%

Solar contributed 28% of the U.K.’s total renewable energy generation, which was dominated by wind power. The proportion of fossil fuels in the energy mix fell to a record low last year, at 37.7%.


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