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Record solar numbers expected this year but IEA highlights pricing concern

The Paris-based body expects the world will have installed almost 160 GW of solar this year, a record number, but still not enough to keep the prospect of a net zero global economy by mid century in sight.


Socomec on capturing multiple energy storage value streams, resilience in power supply

For industrial and commercial applications, battery energy storage systems should be highly flexible to scale, safe, and easy to install. They should also have favorable operating costs, allow for great financial savings, and guarantee a high level of resilience. In the following interview, Gilles Ramzey discusses three main battery storage applications and how resilience in power supply is of key import to the company’s customers.

New ‘bioinspired’ solution to battery degradation

As part of their efforts to bring lithium-ion battery degradation under control, scientists in China have looked to emulate natural defenses many organisms have evolved to reduce oxidation reactions and related damage. With an additive that ‘scavenges’ reactive particles before they can contribute to degradation, the group was able to demonstrate significantly lower electrolyte decomposition in a working battery.


Green solvents for a 17%-efficient organic solar cell

Scientists in Sweden and China developed a solution-based process to produce organic solar cells, demonstrating efficiencies better than 17%. The process utilizes paraxylene as a solvent, which the researchers claim is less toxic and more stable than others used to reach high organic solar cell efficiencies, and with more work could be scaled up to produce large area devices.

Varta releases residential battery with emergency power function

Varta’s Element Backup battery is available in three versions with storage capacities of 6.5 kWh, 13.0 kWh, and 19.5 kWh.

The Hydrogen Stream: EU aims for €1.80/kg by 2030, BP announces green and blue hydrogen production in the UK

Also, Petroleum Development Oman wants to become the main player in the country’s plans to become a hydrogen hub and Emirates Global Aluminium says it wants to increase its hydrogen consumption.


Output verified: monitoring of the PV plant from the ground up

Suppliers are updating SCADA and monitoring platforms to provide new levels of data acquisition and analytics to provide PV project owners and operators with unparalleled insights into design, performance and O&M. Join this pv magazine Webinar, in partnership with TrinaTracker, to learn more about these developments with a leading PV solution provider. The webinar will see the global launch of the Trina Smart Cloud, including a demo of the platform drawing on real-world data from Trina-supplied projects in the field.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: defects in perovskite solar cells

Scientists in the UK delved deep into the structure of a perovskite solar cell, looking to understand the complex relationship between the materials that make up the perovskite layer, and the role of different defects in both limiting and improving performance. The findings could allow for new perovskite materials that are specially structured to maximize PV performance.

The weekend read: Cloud looms over PV’s silver lining

Should heterojunction solar technologies be temporarily shelved? Could copper plating replace screen-printed silver conductive surfaces in cells? Why are tandem cells a likely successor to PERC? Brett Hallam recently sat down with Natalie Filatoff in Sydney to explain the findings of a new study by UNSW that sought to answer these controversial questions.


The Hydrogen Stream: New tech to store 5 tons of hydrogen per day

Proton Motor Fuel Cell and xelectrix Power have also developed a complete system that combines fuel cell and battery storage technologies and U.S.-based Plug Power is building a 100 MW electrolyzer in Egypt. Furthermore, Germany said it wants to deploy 10 GW of hydrogen capacity by 2030 and South Korea unveiled its hydrogen strategy.


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