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Designed for higher reliability and enhanced adaptability – the new TrinaTracker Agile 1P Dual Row

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Marcos Cerezo, TrinaTracker Engineering Department, Trina Solar
Ignacio Santos, TrinaTracker Head of Sales at Europe, Trina Solar


Frederike Egerer , Head of Events, pv magazine
Rachel Sorenson , Manager Projects and Business, pv magazine

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Designed for higher reliability and enhanced adaptability – the new TrinaTracker Agile 1P Dual Row

It takes agility to integrate a new drive system, increased power generation, and state-of-the-art wind engineering in a tracker with an installation capacity of up to 120 ultra-high-power modules. The recently launched TrinaTracker Agile 1P Dual Row delivers agility by design. The design consists of a dual-row tracker with one primary slewing drive in one row and one secondary slewing drive in the second row, with the two slewing drives sharing one motor and one TCU. This Dual-Row construction shortens the tracker length, achieving higher installation capacity under the same layout by up to 15.6%.

Join this pv magazine Spotlight to learn about the innovative technologies that guarantee the Agile 1P’s enhanced reliability and adaptability. The tracker has been put through a set of comprehensive wind tunnel tests by CPP, during which TrinaTracker continued to optimise the tracker. Ignacio Santos, TrinaTracker Head of Sales at Europe, will bring an insider’s look at the development of the product, having collected and implemented market needs and trends throughout. Ignacio will first lead us through the increasingly difficult conditions of a typical European project, to finally demonstrate how the features of the new tracker adapt to these conditions to maintain high efficiency.

The technical innovation of the Agile 1P is demonstrated through the multi-drive (dual-slewing) system and exclusively worldwide patented spherical bearing, which improve the overall stability and structure of the tracker system. The tracker is thus also designed for challenging conditions and harsh environments like hot and humid climates, chilling regions, and corrosive areas. This tracker advances the photovoltaic industry’s entry into the 600W+ era by being compatible with 400W-670W+ modules, and its new drive system and intelligent SuperTrack algorithms make the TrinaTracker Agile 1P a key player in the race to further reduce LCOE.

pv magazine Spotlight content

  • Comprehensive and integrated design of modules and trackers
  • Cutting edge structural & wind design ensuring high reliability under harsh climate conditions
  • The new multidrive system
  • The SuperTrack Intelligent Tracking Algorithm

Join this Spotlight to hear how the new TrinaTracker Agile 1P leverages innovative technologies to achieve higher reliability and enhanced adaptability and be the first to peek at the tech specs and key features.

You can submit your questions beforehand, or during the Spotlight. This Spotlight will be hosted by pv magazine’s Head of Events, Frederike Egerer, and Rachel Sorenson, Manager, Sales and Business Development at pv magazine.

pv magazine is hosting this Spotlight on behalf of our partner, Trina Solar, which is responsible for the content.

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Marcos Cerezo | TrinaTracker Engineering Department, Trina Solar

I am a master´s in civil engineering with more than 5 years experience. As part of the engineering department, I have been directly involved in the development of the wind tunnel test as well as the calculation procedure for the design of the tracker.

Ignacio Santos | TrinaTracker Head of Sales at Europe, Trina Solar

Ignacio Santos has been involved in the development of the new products from a Sales perspective, collecting Market needs and trends and including them in the process. He is a civil engineer with over 25 years of experience in different fields and dealing with the development of new tracker products for the last 2,5 years.

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