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PV & ESS Integration System for the European Market – Diversified capacity configuration by Sungrow

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Jendon Chin, Sungrow's Senior ESS Technical Manager

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Presentation of Jendon Chin, Sungrow's Senior ESS Technical Manager

PV & ESS Integration System for the European Market – Diversified capacity configuration by Sungrow

A massive amount of storage capacity is needed for the European Fast Frequency Response market and utility-scale photovoltaic plants. In response, Sungrow is offering an easy-to-transport turnkey solution with 3-6.3 Megawatt storage capacity and more features to prop the European utility market.

So far, Sungrow’s energy storage system has been used for more than 900 application projects worldwide and has reported zero security incidents. The company highlights impressive cases in Europe including a 27.5MW/30.14MWh Gridserve PV+ESS project in the United Kingdom.

The company says its new ESS packing solution features safety, reliability, lower fault rate, convenient transport and maintenance to optimize system cost and reduce OPEX. The flexible capacity configuration supports diversified needs. High product efficiency can ensure project benefits.

Meet Jendon Chin, Sungrow’s Senior ESS Technical Manager, in a pv magazine Spotlight focused on the company’s ST3368KWH-3150UD medium voltage Energy Storage System. “This highly integrated energy storage system for easy transportation is a perfect match not only for grid support but is also adaptable to off-shore applications,” says Chin.

Join this Spotlight to have your questions answered by Sungrow – and learn about how the new solution offering can support your business needs!

pv magazine Spotlight content with Sungrow includes information on:

  • The turnkey ST3368KWH-3150UD medium voltage Energy Storage System
  • PV & ESS integration, diversified capacity configuration
  • Safety, reliability, and efficiency
  • The smart and user-friendly monitoring solution

Questions can be submitted during the Spotlight through a chat window. pv magazine hosts this Spotlight on behalf of our partner, who is responsible for the content. We look forward to your participation!


Jendon Chin, Sungrow's Senior ESS Technical Manager

Jendon Chin graduated from the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France with a master's degree in Renewable energy and energy efficiency management. Engaged in the renewable energy industry in 2014 and joined Sungrow in 2018, worked in the system solutions department, mainly responsible for energy storage system solutions in Europe. Jendon is very experienced in Europe ESS market and has strong technical ability.

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