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Hide and seek – Meet the demand for more aesthetic PV Modules with Ulbrich’s newest product

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Peter Berghofer, General Manager, Ulbrich

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pv magazine Spotlight | Hide and seek - Meet the demand for more aesthetic PV Modules with Ulbrich's newest product

With solar modules increasingly being used in architectural elements, demand is shifting toward a more aesthetically pleasing, “invisible” appearance. In this pv magazine Spotlight, Ulbrich will be releasing its newest product: A new PV ribbon solution to bring module production for full black design without additional processing steps.

Ulbrich’s latest development is based on Alpha’s Ready Ribbon technology and designed for a fully black PV module. Black Ready Ribbon (BRR), is a black solderable interconnect ribbon designed to blend with the color of a solar cell after the stringing process. The use of BRR improves the aesthetics of PV modules for building- and rooftop integrated solutions. The new product delivers a suitable amount of flux to eliminate the fluxing step in the stringer.

In this pv magazine Spotlight session, Peter Berghofer, General Manager of Ulbrich of Austria GmbH, will explain how BRR will change module production for fully black modules, and the plug and play solution for module manufacturers.

Join this Spotlight and learn more about how to meet the demand for more aesthetic pleasing PV modules!

Questions can be submitted during the Spotlight through a chat window. pv magazine hosts this Spotlight on behalf of our partner, Ulbrich, who is responsible for the content. We look forward to your participation!


Peter Berghofer

Peter Berghofer is the General Manager of Ulbrich of Austria GmbH, a subsidiary of Connecticut-headquartered Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Specialty Metals, Inc. Prior to joining Ulbrich, Peter served as the Product Manager for Luvata Austria, designing and developing a process to manufacture solar cell interconnect ribbons. After the closure of Luvata Austria he took the lead in a group of six people to start up Ulbrich of Austria.

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