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French alliance to build intelligent shade systems for agrivoltaics

French companies Ombrea and RES are partnering on the development of special PV shade systems for agrivoltaic projects. The devices will be equipped with artificial intelligence technologies to make them react to unfavorable weather conditions.


Australian state plans 12 GW of renewables, 2 GW of pumped hydro by 2030

New South Wales has published a new infrastructure plans that brings together targets and policy adjustments, as the state government strives to retire coal-fired generators and fire up the economy.

IRENA and the UN ink agreement to combat desertification with renewables

A memorandum of understanding signed by the institutions was not solar specific but the use of PV modules for shading, especially in agriculture, can reduce water consumption and help halt the expansion of deserts.


Solar’s 20 most overlooked benefits for global sustainability

As renewable energy development is ramped up to address the climate crisis, negative side-effects should be avoided, especially when technology and resources could maximize the benefits. ‘Techno-ecological’ crossovers could ensure win-win outcomes for solar development and ecosystem and biodiversity conservation.


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