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Solar trade dispute: New petition to review undertaking likely submitted to the EU

There is no official confirmation that a request for a review of the anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures against Chinese solar PV manufacturers has been submitted in Brussels in early June, however there are several reasons to believe it has likely happened.


Indian government initiates anti-dumping investigation for the imports of EVA film for PV modules

RenewSys India has submitted a petition to the Directorate General of Anti-Dumping & Allied Duties for the imposition of anti-dumping duties on imports of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sheets for solar modules from China PR, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Thailand. Evidence of dumping has been found.


India considers 7.5% duty on imported solar modules

According to reports, India is planning to impose a 7.5% tax on imported solar PV modules.


India imposes antidumping duty on tempered glass from China

The Indian Ministry of Finance has imposed an antidumping duty on tempered glass imported from China in the range from $64.04 to $136.21 per metric ton.


Taiwan starts investigation on PVInsights and EnergyTrend for lowering prices

The Taiwanese solar association filed a complaint on behalf of Taiwanese cell manufacturers, claiming that the prices set by the two market research companies do not correspond to real sale prices and are below real production costs.


Germany: several Chinese PV manufacturers face legal action for circumventing duties

According to media reports, several Chinese solar module manufacturers will face legal actions for illegal trade of PV products in Germany. For one of these cases, approximately €110 million in tax frauds is reported. The court of Nürnberg-Fürth in southern Germany has already launched prosecutions related to the matter for four persons.


China extends antidumping and anti-subsidy duties on polysilicon imported from EU

Mocfom’s decision to extend antidumping and anti-subsidy duties on polysilicon imported from the EU is likely a reaction to the 18-month extension of the EU duties on Chinese solar modules. German polysilicon maker Wacker Chemie had previously agreed a minimum import price with China.

Turkey publishes antidumping fee and list for China-based PV manufacturers

A months-long investigation into price dumping in Turkey has concluded, with the Turkish government announcing a list of China-based PV manufacturers who will be subject to antidumping fees for PV imports.


Four more Chinese solar manufacturers withdraw from minimum price agreement

Jetion Solar, Hareon Solar and GCL Technology requested to withdraw from the minimum price agreement in October. The three companies, as well as Talesun Solar, are now excluded by Brussels from the undertaking.

Extension of EU duties on Chinese solar products is now official

On Friday, the EU published in its Official Journal the 18-month extension of antidumping and anti-subsidy duties on Chinese solar products, including notification of a partial interim review of the measures. The review could lead to the gradual reduction of duties and minimum import prices. The EU will also consider if the Minimum Price Undertaking agreement is still of relevance.


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