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CIGS solar modules

Avancis achieves 20.3% efficiency in CIGS solar panel

Avancis has set a new world record for a copper, indium, gallium, and selenium (CIGS) solar panel with an integrated series connection of 30 cm x 30 cm, achieving an efficiency of 20.3%. The German manufacturer’s accomplishment has been validated by the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory.


Roadmap to achieve CIGS solar modules with efficiencies above 20%

Japanese scientists have described the steps that need to be taken to improve the average efficiency of CIGS solar modules, from around 18.5% at present to more than 20%. They presented all of the critical technical factors that are currently holding the tech back from broader market adoption.


Thin film solar may have carbon intensity advantage over silicon

Thin-film cadmium telluride panels may have a $0.02 to $0.04 per watt carbon cost advantage over traditional polysilicon, said the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in an analysis of embodied carbon, embodied energy, and energy payback.

CIGS solar panels for weight-constrained rooftops

U.S. thin-film module manufacturer Sunflare is ramping up production at its factory in China. The company makes four different CIGS modules.


Indium supply not an issue for CIGS industry

Scientists Ayodhya Tiwari and Daniel Lincot recently spoke to pv magazine about the future of copper indium gallium selenide solar tech, which could play a key role in providing flexible, lightweight products in the building-integrated PV segment.


Can CIGS thin-film PV manufacturing return in the US?

A scientist familiar with First Solar’s earlier efforts in CIGS makes the case for the CdTe pioneer to return to the technology.

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