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cooling systems

Air-assisted water spray for PV module cooling

Turkish researchers have developed a cooling technique in which water is sprayed via an air-assisted external mixing flat fan nozzle. The system can produce smaller droplet sizes to ensure the even distribution of water on panels.


New approach for convective solar module cooling

A US research team claims to have demonstrated that packing PV modules in close proximity can exponentially increase convective heat transfer of a solar park. The scientists analyzed three different module arrangements and compared them to the common row-organized panel configuration.


Cooling PV panels with seawater

An Anglo-Egyptian research group has developed a passive cooling method based on saturated activated alumina, with saline water as a cooling agent.


Lowering costs for PV cooling assessments

Researchers in Malaysia have developed a new, cheaper method to assess PV cooling techniques. Designers and manufacturers of PV cooling systems could follow the parameters of the new approach to evaluate the performance and bankability of their own devices, the scientists claimed.

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