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cooling techniques

The best radiative cooling tech for PV arrays

Scientists in China have analyzed the radiative cooling techniques used in combination with solar energy systems such as PV arrays, solar thermal collectors, and concentrated PV installations. They identified five major system typologies based on functionality and working time.

Lowering costs for PV cooling assessments

Researchers in Malaysia have developed a new, cheaper method to assess PV cooling techniques. Designers and manufacturers of PV cooling systems could follow the parameters of the new approach to evaluate the performance and bankability of their own devices, the scientists claimed.

Harvesting atmospheric water to cool down PV panels

Scientists from Saudi Arabia have proposed a new PV panel cooling technique which employs an atmospheric water harvester. The device uses waste heat from the PV panel to collect atmospheric water at night and then releases it during the day to cool down the module. The researchers claim the device may also be improved to produce liquid water, which could be used for the cleaning of the modules.


Cost-effectiveness of PV module cooling techniques

Researchers in Malaysia have proposed a new method to determine the best way to design PV cooling systems. They will rank cooling technologies by manufacturing costs and expected panel output.

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