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EEG levy

Germany lifts cap on solar FIT program with new Climate Change Act

While the solar industry will welcome the move, the feed-in tariff paid to small systems is still reducing thanks to the volume of new capacity installed every quarter. Announcing a wide-ranging policy package on Friday, Angela Merkel admitted Germany will miss the carbon emission target set for next year.


Germany’s EEG levy falls to €0.06405 in 2019

It is the second decline in a row. Germany’s TSOs base their calculations on the 6 GW expansion for solar and wind expected for the coming year. The surplus on the EEG account, which was included in the calculations, was €3.65 billion.

Germany’s EEG levy surplus reaches $4 billion in 2017

In December, Germany’s EEG levy surplus increased again by almost €500 million. The full-year balance sheet shows that transmission system operators received more than €1 billion than they spent.

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