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Germany introduces new renewable energy law

Under the new regulatory frameworks, the feed-in tariff scheme for rooftop PV will be maintained although only PV systems with a power output of up to 300 kW will be entitled to have the FIT at current levels. Installations ranging in size from 300-750 kW will receive only half of the payment. Owners of the latter scale of system, however, will be allowed to self-consume the generated energy.


World could add more than 900 GW of solar by 2025 if politicians grasp the nettle – IEA

With the International Energy Agency publishing its latest five-year clean energy forecast today, pv magazine takes a look at the solar content of the 162-page document.


Subsidy-free, utility scale German solar farms could sell power on spot market

The unsubsidized market is taking another step forward in Germany with the news of two projects ready to sell power to the wholesale market as well as through PPAs.

New low solar price in Greece but capacity falls short again as parliament passes €100m EV subsidy package

The price tariff agreed by German company ABO Wind for a 10 MW solar project in Igoumenitsa came in a tender which allocated only 142 MW of generation capacity, well short of the hoped-for 482 MW. It is hoped a slimline licensing process, to be applied in the next procurement round, will address the problem.

Tackling climate change with machine learning: Covid-19 and the energy transition

The effect the coronavirus pandemic is having on energy systems and environmental policy in Europe was discussed at a recent machine learning and climate change workshop, along with the help artificial intelligence can offer to those planning electricity access in Africa.


Enormous solar PV success with 20 years of EEG

Twenty years of EEG: For many, this is a reason to celebrate; for opponents, a reason to curse. Regardless of your assessment, the success of the EEG in establishing solar photovoltaics as a key energy source is tremendous and will change the world for the better. Solar power is already cheaper than all other energy forms and is available on a mass scale.

Covid-19 pushes German solar sector to request delay to grid-connection deadlines

Large solar parks awarded contracts under Germany’s tender scheme could lose funding if not brought online on time. The nation’s solar trade body believes the government should quadruple its annual PV deployment target despite an anticipated coronavirus-related hiatus in roll-out.


German grid agency reports 375 MW of new solar in January but revises down cumulative figure 360 MW

The cumulative capacity of subsidized PV systems in Germany reached 49,425 MW at the end of January. Under the nation’s triggered FIT reduction regime the tariff – and income from electricity sold directly to off-takers – will fall 1.4% this month.


Germany installed 2 GW of solar in six months

After a strong start to the year, demand for PV systems has slowed because of FIT reductions. Solar subsidies will fall by a further 1.4% per month until November.


Germany sees new PV additions surpass 300 MW in April

In the first four months of the year, over 1.6 GW of solar power generation capacity came online in the country. Next month the FITs for rooftop PV will fall by 1.4%.


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