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fault detection

Sensorless fault-detection method for rooftop, large-scale solar

Turkish researchers have developed an algorithm to distinguish faults and changes in PV plant output. The sensorless method only uses electrical data gathered from the DC inputs of inverters. They tested it on 8.5 MW of ground-mount PV at nine sites, as well as 8.2 MW across 18 rooftops.

New algorithm to identify faults in PV systems

A new algorithm identifies five kinds of faults in PV systems, while also detecting when faults have been resolved to prevent false detections. It is based on the least significant difference test, which is a set of individual t-tests comparing the means of two or more pre-determined groups.


New methods for fault detection revealed at EU PVSEC

Quality control and problem detection and classification was brought into focus at the conference in Marseille. A packed house at a session focused on the latest fault detection techniques indicated the high level of interest in the field.

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