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fiscal breaks

Benin introduces VAT exemption on imports of PV panels

The exemption will be applied to the import of materials, equipment and installation accessories for the deployment of PV and solar thermal systems. The new measure is aimed at increasing access to electricity through more off-grid projects.


Argentina introduces VAT exemption for renewable energies

The exemption will relate to purchasing, manufacturing and importing of components to build renewable energy power projects.


Belgian region of Flanders plans fiscal incentive for community solar and wind projects

The Minister of Energy of the Flanders hopes that another 6.4 million solar modules can be installed in the region under his mandate until 2020.

Armenia exempts import of PV components from customs duties

The Armenian government has granted exemption from customs duties for the first time to local developer Investment Media Group. The measure is intended to support the implementation of the country’s $58 million solar program.

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