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Hanergy Thin Film

Hanergy Thin Film set to lose crucial hydropower project stakes – which could be auctioned off to Hanergy Mobile Energy

Troubled thin film manufacturer Thin Film will see a 51% controlling stake in a hugely profitable hydropower project auctioned off after a move by creditors. Hanergy Thin Film owner Li Hejun’s Hanergy Mobile Energy business in China says it will be among the bidders.

Hanergy Thin Film shareholders vote through share swap deal – just

The Chinese solar manufacturer is set to transfer independent shareholders’ stakes into a special purpose vehicle while one of its affiliate businesses seeks a listing on Beijing’s A-share index. Inevitably, though, the process has not been a smooth one.

Hanergy Thin Film shareholders to vote on share swap proposal

Details have finally emerged about when independent investors will decide whether to wave through a deal to transfer their stock into a special purpose vehicle for relisting the Hong Kong unit on the Chinese A-share index.

No mention of Hanergy share swap proposal in AGM notice

Parent group Hanergy Mobile Energy appears to have gone quiet on its proposal for shareholders in its Hong Kong unit to vote on whether to shift their stock in an attempt to have the business moved to the Chinese exchange. The clock is running down until the Thin Film unit loses its Hong Kong listing.

Hanergy plans to roll out industrial park development outside China

The Chinese thin film giant has transformed itself into a solar manufacturing equipment supplier and is set to expand a strategy which sees affiliates help fund industrial parks which then generate orders for its thin film production lines.

Hanergy Thin Film shareholders must accept privatization share swap or be left with dead stock

It turns out the cash element of the HK$54.9 billion ‘cash and stock replacement’ plan to privatize Hanergy’s Hong Kong listed thin film division amounts to around HK$0. Thin Film shareholders face a Hobson’s Choice between a convoluted scheme laced with uncertainties or writing off their stock.


Hanergy Thin Film asks for more details about plan to take it private

The Hong Kong-listed unit has asked where its parent will find the cash and shares to complete a $7bn deal to take ownership back in house and then list it on the Chinese A-share index.

Hanergy Thin Film to return to China listing ahead of results of inquiry

The Hong Kong-based thin film manufacturer’s parent company may not be able to deliver mammoth panel orders on time, but looks set to arrange a HK$5/share deal to take the troublesome unit back in house and list it on the A-share index, in a move which will come as a relief to shareholders stuck with its stock since May 2015.

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