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hydrogen-based storage

New solar water-splitting cell demonstrates 19.3% efficiency, increasing longevity significantly

The cell uses a novel approach that increases its conversion efficiency and longevity at the same time. Researchers claim it is a new world record for this type of application and highlight its importance in storing renewable energy in hydrogen to compensate for output and demand fluctuations.


Toshiba to start power-to-gas supply chain demonstration in Japan

Toshiba has begun a large power-to-gas demonstration project in Japan. In spite of low efficiency and high prices, hydrogen is researched by many companies. In this demo, facilities are powered by Toshiba’s fuel cells, which receive hydrogen from an adjacent hydropower hydrogen generation facility.


Hydrogen based solar-plus-storage project launched in French Guiana

The CEOG scheme consists of a 55 MW solar park and 140 MWh storage station based on hydrogen which, according to the project developer, enables the storage of large amounts of energy for long periods


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