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hydrogen production

UK government asks how future renewables incentives should work

The success of unsubsidized clean power facilities in the country – whether driven by corporate power purchase agreements or selling direct to the wholesale electricity market – has prompted the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to ponder whether contracts-for-difference payments will be fit for purpose in the years ahead.


Different combinations of PV-powered electrolysers

An EU-funded research project coordinated by German research institute Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin has tested several configurations for solar-powered hydrogen generation. First results showed which may be the most suitable PV technologies for electrolysis.


Europe’s largest solar-storage-hydrogen project

Spanish energy company Iberdrola plans to build a 100 MW solar park, a storage facility, and a hydrogen production station in Puertollano, central Spain. The €150 million project is scheduled to be operational next year.


PV-electrochemical water-splitting for hydrogen production

A German research team has developed a new photovoltaic-electrochemical device for alkaline water electrolysis. The prototype has an initial solar‐to‐hydrogen efficiency of approximately 7.7%.


Plans unveiled for 1 GW solar-storage-hydrogen facility in China

Chinese developer Panda Green says it has negotiated exclusive rights to develop a $1.41 billion project in Xinjiang which will feature PV and photothermal generation, hydrogen production and energy storage.

A perovskite electrode to improve hydrogen production

The material was used by scientists in the U.S. in electrochemical cells which use electricity to separate steam into hydrogen and oxygen. The researchers say the oxide of perovskite used in the electrode improves cell performance and reduces operating temperatures.

Fuel cell technology to power disaster management systems

Fuel cell systems provide sustainable electricity using hydrogen gas, without the need for grid power, which makes them highly useful in medical centers, as such facilities need to respond immediately in emergencies with state-of-the-art communication platforms.

Renewable-powered hydrogen for Oman

Belgian engineer DEME is planning up to 500 MW of hydrogen production capacity at the port of Dumq, which is rich in solar and wind power resources. The engineer plans to ship hydrogen from the port to Europe.


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