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Trina announces 23.39% efficient, commercially produced PERC cell

The Chinese manufacturer believes it has set a record because its device was manufactured on standard commercial production equipment.


Trina claims another efficiency record, for n-type, i-TOPCon, bifacial cell

The 23.22% front-side efficiency of the 244.62 sq cm device – certified by Germany’s ISFH CalTeC – is another landmark for the Chinese manufacturer’s State Key Laboratory of Photovoltaic Science and Technology.


Trina Solar begins mass production of 425 W bifacial glass-glass module

The Chinese PV manufacturer uses TOPCon half cells for the modules. The additional rear side yield is estimated by Trina at 5-30%.


New cell efficiency records for Trina and Canadian Solar

Chinese PV manufacturer Trina Solar today announced it has achieved a new efficiency record of 24.58% for a cell based on n-type monocrystalline TOPCon technology. The record has been confirmed by the ISFH CalTeC laboratory in Germany. Meanwhile, fellow giant Canadian Solar also hit a new milestone with its cast mono technology, reaching 22.28% conversion efficiency on a 157mm² wafer.

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