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Synchronizing solar power peaks with demand from electric boilers

Recoy, an Amsterdam-based startup, will help Dutch utility Liander to manage peak PV generation by diverting electricity to grid-connected electric boilers. The energy will be used for the heating needs of big power consumers.

Dutch business regulation agency rules network operators lacking capacity are allowed to deny grid-connection

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets has established that the first-come, first-served principle applied by grid operators is the correct approach to manage current grid congestion. The decision was taken to resolve a legal dispute between Liander and an agricultural entrepreneur that was denied grid access for a PV project.

Solar causes highest power peaks under mixed-cloud conditions

Dutch researchers have shown that power peaks caused by solar generation may be stronger under partial cloudiness than clear skies. According to their findings, mixed-cloud conditions can enhance PV power production due to light reflected off clouds, as well as their intermittent shadows on arrays, which reduce module temperatures.


Giant transformers for grid debottlenecking

Dutch power company Liander has installed two large transformers at a distribution station in Ulft, in the province of Gelderland. The devices should provide more room for renewables on the network from next year.

Netherlands’ largest power provider makes room for more solar

Liander will apply a grid congestion management system in the Gelderland province from the autumn. The measure is intended to reduce the number of solar and wind power projects waiting on new grid capacity.

Netherlands grid constraints becoming serious threat to solar

Three energy associations, including Holland Solar, have asked the Dutch parliament to take action amid worsening grid connection problems for renewable energy projects in the Netherlands. According to the energy groups, around 700 MW of solar and wind projects allocated under the SDE+ incentive program could lose their payments if they miss connection deadlines.


Dutch utility Liander expects 6 GW of solar on its turf by 2023

The Netherlands’ largest power provider said that capacity would be six times more than is currently connected to its grid. To accommodate such vertiginous growth, the company is planning to increase redundancy in critical areas with high levels of solar deployment. Parent company Alliander has announced an €844 million plan to improve the power network.


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