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PV in agricultural land

French photovoltaic greenhouse delivers 3.1 GWh and 4 tons/hectare of asparagus in one year

The solar greenhouse was built by French developer Tenergie in 2017 and last year recorded a remarkable performance in terms of both agricultural ane electricity yield.


Israeli government wants to boost development of agrivoltaics

The Israel Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Agriculture have decided to implement a pilot research program to assess the feasibility of agrivoltaic projects in the country. The possibility of combining PV and agriculture in a land with limited land availability and increasing energy demand is considered a win-win solution by the government.

European agrivoltaics

According to SolarPower Europe, local agriculture and solar energy could become the engines of a sustainable European economy. The trade body has created a task force, led by French independent power producer Amarenco, that aims to place agrivoltaics at the top of the European agricultural policy agenda, while also establishing global standards for the segment.


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