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UK Capacity Market Auction results draw criticism over lack of renewables

Fossil fuel sources received the most back-up generation power capacity, according to the provisional results of the latest Capacity Market Auction, released today by the U.K.’s National Grid. The country’s Renewable Energy Agency (REA) has criticized the results, stating the government is blocking new renewable energy projects.

UK could reach 12 GW storage capacity within five years, report finds

Lessons learned from solar failures could propel battery storage market to 12 GW by 2021, argues report by All-Party Parliamentary Group on Energy Storage, which implores government to be “on the front foot” when it comes to seizing ways to ensure energy security for the nation.

UK & Germany on course for 50% renewables by mid 2020s, finds BNEF report

Study carried out by Bloomberg New Energy Finance on behalf of Eaton and U.K.’s Renewable Energy Association finds economic drivers key to increased uptake in solar and wind, although back-up capacity required by 2040 likely to be similar to today’s levels.


Solar again overlooked in UK’s £557m clean energy support package

Confirmation of sizeable financial support for offshore wind, marine power, biomass CHP and energy from waste welcomed by renewable energy groups, but government’s solar blind spot continues.


UK: Nearly 126,000 employed in thriving renewables industry, report shows

In the first year energy storage and electric vehicle sectors are included, REA’s annual publication reveals a 2.5% YoY increase in the number of jobs in the renewable energy industry, but also a significant decline in growth from two years previous when it was at nearly 9%. The Association points to negative policy changes as the reason behind the downward trend.


UK energy storage: business models that wait for the policies

The Renewable Energy Association’s energy storage conference that took place in London this week affirmed the U.K.’s immense energy storage potential. To unlock this potential, however, the sector is waiting for policymakers to unveil new policies that will make country’s energy much more storage-friendly.

UK failing to meet EU’s modest renewable targets, finds European Commission

Policy changes have slowed the U.K.’s progress towards 2020 renewable energy goals as the country wrestles with the forthcoming Brexit turmoil. France and Netherlands also on watchlist, says Commission.

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