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Sweden to devote another $30.8 million to PV rebates for homeowners

The new budget will be devoted to private individuals only. The Swedish Energy Agency has so far devoted around $570 million to the solar rebate program, for the 2009-21 period.


Romania improves rebate scheme to speed up rooftop PV development

The Romanian government has changed the rules of the Casa Verde Fotovoltaice (green PV home) scheme to support residential solar installations under the country’s net metering regime. The new provisions improve the installation process and settlement of rebate payments.


Sweden continues rooftop PV rebate scheme for businesses, municipalities

Sweden was set to replace its rebate scheme with unspecified tax breaks by the end of this year, but the government has instead decided to allocate another $31.5 million for 2021 – for enterprises and municipalities only.

Belgium’s Flanders region to provide €58 million for PV rebates in 2021

The authorities in Flanders will grant maximum rebates of €1,500 per PV system to homeowners from Jan. 1. The scheme is expected to drive up solar installations by 1.5 GW by 2025.


Soft loans for Jordan’s solar rebate scheme

The Jordanian government has announced more financial support for the rebate scheme for residential PV systems and solar thermal collectors.

Switzerland allocates another $513m for solar incentives

The new funds will eliminate the waiting list for old feed-in tariff contracts. Around 22,400 new renewable energy systems have secured public support in Switzerland this year.

Vehicle-to-grid business model would make Canadian EVs cheaper than conventional rivals

Canadian non-profit Plug’n Drive has looked at Ontario’s time-of-use electricity rates and found electric vehicle owners could generate substantial income by charging at night and selling to businesses during the daytime. Doing so could mean EVs have a lower net cost than conventional vehicles.


Austria doubles financial support for solar rebates

The government has ramped up its budget for the rebate scheme to €10 million.


Sweden closes rebate scheme for rooftop PV

The government said developers have one more month to apply for the subsidy. It also delayed the project-completion deadline from Dec. 31, 2020, to June 30, 2021. From next year, rooftop PV will likely be supported by unspecified tax breaks.


Norway extends support for rooftop PV

The Norwegian government has decided to postpone the planned reduction of the Plusskundeordningen solar-rebate program, currently managed by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, until the end of this year.


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