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redox flow

Large-scale vanadium redox flow battery takes shape in Australia

A new South Australian big battery will show the value of diverse storage deployments in the National Electricity Market.


New stack design for cheaper redox flow batteries

German scientists have proposed a new design for stacks used in redox flow batteries. Through a powder-to-roll process, a device that weighs 80% less than a conventional stack was fabricated.

Iron redox flow battery promises to store power at €0.05/kWh

The Landshut University of Applied Sciences and German start-up Voltstorage will initially develop a residential battery with a capacity of 8 kWh. At a later stage, they want to fabricate a 50 kWh device for applications in the commercial segment.


European scientists want to develop hybrid vanadium redox flow battery with supercapacitor

European scientists are designing a new type of redox flow storage system aimed at flexibly balancing power grids in the event of critical conditions. Funded by the EU, the research project is being coordinated by the Landshut University of Applied Sciences and runs until 2023.


The best redox flow battery tech

Batteries based on vanadium or zinc bromide represent the cutting edge of redox flow storage tech, an international research team has claimed. They have identified challenges and opportunities for about a dozen redox flow storage technologies, while providing estimates of their current and projected levelized costs of storage.


Australian Vanadium pushes ahead with plans for residential flow battery

Australian Vanadium is pushing ahead with plans to develop a vanadium redox flow battery for the Australian residential market, via its VSUN Energy subsidiary.


Interest grows in going with the vanadium flow

The choice of battery storage technologies in support of solar energy supply is broadening to suit a variety of emerging applications. VSUN has just made its first power play for vanadium-redox-flow batteries in the off-grid residential market.


Solar micro-grid with 1 MW/4 MWh of vanadium redox flow storage in South Africa

Spanish renewable energy company Abengoa will deploy a 3.5 MW solar micro-grid at a vanadium mining site operated by Bushveld Minerals in South Africa. The storage system will be provided by Austria-based storage specialist Enerox Holdings Limited.


TNG sets up vanadium redox flow battery business

TNG Ltd. has set up a new subsidiary, TNG Energy, to advance its green ambitions by making vanadium redox flow batteries for off-grid solutions.


Organic redox flow battery with PEDOT electrodes

Swedish scientists have developed a redox flow battery with polymer electrodes, based on a special conductive polymer known as PEDOT. The battery features a water-based electrolyte based on a solution of redox quinone molecules, which can be extracted from forest-based materials.

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