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renewable energy law

Germany introduces new renewable energy law

Under the new regulatory frameworks, the feed-in tariff scheme for rooftop PV will be maintained although only PV systems with a power output of up to 300 kW will be entitled to have the FIT at current levels. Installations ranging in size from 300-750 kW will receive only half of the payment. Owners of the latter scale of system, however, will be allowed to self-consume the generated energy.


Tunisia tenders another 70 MW of solar

After closing its first 70 MW tender in early May, and launching the pre-qualification process for a new 500 MW PV tender a week later, the Tunisian government has announced it is tendering a second 70 MW series for solar projects up to 10 MW in size.


Ukraine’s renewable energy outlook under the new electricity market design

Svitlana Teush, counsel at Redcliffe Partners law firm in Kyiv, Ukraine, discusses the country’s new electricity market design and what it means for renewables. Currently, she says, the renewable energy sector in Ukraine is an attractive investment prospect and has considerable potential for further growth in the coming years.


Akuo Energy to build 50 MW PV farm in Indonesia

France’s Akuo Energy has achieved a milestone in the development of a 50 MW solar PV plant in Bali, Indonesia. pv magazine explores how the project fits in with the country’s new renewable energy law.

Moldova’s new renewable energy law comes into force, solar expected to see first growth

A new renewable energy law will come into force in the Eastern European country on April 1. Solar and wind are expected to see their first development in the country after several years of almost zero-growth.


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