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Renewable Energy

Dutch farmers left with no connection for their PV arrays

Grid congestion issues are increasing in the Netherlands and several Dutch farmers claim to have remained without access to the grid despite having completed their rooftop arrays.

20 MW/5 MWh solar-plus-storage project moves forward in Malawi

The Golomoti solar plant is expected to come online by the end of the year. The plant will be used to provide grid stability and reduce national dependence on diesel generators and hydroelectric generation.

Indian government approves scheme to support storage

India’s production-linked incentive scheme for battery storage is designed to facilitate the construction of 50 GWh of cumulative advanced chemistry cell (ACC) capacity and 5 GWh of “niche” ACC production facilities in India.

New York state funds study on benefits of grazing for PV

Sheep and solar farms can exist symbiotically, and the American Solar Grazing Association says that now is the time to convert that relationship into a full-scale industry.

Could hydrogen replace diesel in large-scale agriculture?

Australian farmer Thomas Blair is expanding the horizons of his industry to cultivate green hydrogen.

3.3 GW renewables pipeline provides cover for coal-fired power plant closures in Australia

Record investment in solar and wind farms across the National Electricity Market has helped to quell concerns that Victoria and South Australia will face increased risk of blackouts later this decade following the impending closure of the Yallourn coal-fired power plant.

Indian state tenders 500 MW of solar capacity under farming support scheme

With the national KUSUM program offering farmers the chance to develop projects or lease their land, developers in Odisha will have until June 22 to bid for projects. The state utility will buy the power generated under a 25-year PPA for a maximum INR3.08/kWh ($0.04).

Role of distributed solar at issue in California’s net metering update

Industry groups focus on solar-plus-storage, or preserving the distributed solar industry, while a state agency aims to compensate rooftop solar at avoided costs and add a grid service charge.

Best membrane for non-aqueous redox flow batteries

A Chinese-Finnish research team has identified composite membranes as the best future option for non-aqueous redox flow batteries.

Another 2 GW of solar under review in Chile

The Chilean environmental authorities are currently scrutinizing the projects Solar La Pampina (160 MW), Gabriela (220 MW), Ghungnam Kcs (709 MW of PV and 300 MW of CSP), Pelequén (175 MWp), and Planta Solar Sol del Loa (640 MW).

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