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residential storage

French solar installers ramp up storage offerings

The “Global PV Installer Monitor 2020/2021” reports shows that nearly two-thirds of French PV installers now integrate storage solutions into their product portfolios. EUPD Research said this is a clear sign that rising electricity prices and demand for electric vehicles are creating new business models.

Absorbent glass mat battery for residential storage

Silicon Valley-based start-up Gridtential has secured $12 million in funds to develop what it calls the world’s first factory-ready, single-block, 24V, deep-cycle lead battery. The product is claimed to be ideal for personal mobility vehicles and renewable energy storage in homes and offices.


RedEarth deal to see thousands of new Australian homes built with solar-battery systems

Battery storage manufacturer RedEarth has partnered with a major Australian housing developer to offer new-home buyers solar and solar/battery systems tailored to their needs from the get go – and with the opportunity to sell excess energy at optimized prices where the grid needs it most.


Germany has 270,000 residential batteries linked to PV

Around 88,000 energy storage systems linked to rooftop PV were installed last year in the country, which supports residential batteries through a dedicated scheme.


LG Electronics offers hybrid system combining heat pump, PV and storage

The system generates electricity and heat for residential houses and small businesses. An integrated energy management system should guarantee maximum self-consumption of the solar power produced.

Tesla sharpens focus on solar

In an earnings call this week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk boldly claimed that the company will soon be “the market leader in solar.”


Axitec launches modular residential battery

The battery has a storage capacity ranging from 10 to 15 kWh and is already commercially available in Germany and Europe.


LG Chem unveils two residential battery series

LG Chem is spinning off its battery business into a new subsidiary, LG Energy Solution. It also launched two new battery series, Resu Prime and Resu Flex. These devices rely on new battery cells with a higher power density and with up to 16 kWh, they have a higher capacity than previous models. The first products are expected to be shipped from February or March 2021.


Italy has 170 MW/267 MWh of distributed storage capacity

The country added around 90 MW/100 MWh of new, small-sized storage capacity over the past 18 months. Most of the batteries are in Lombardy, whose administration offers rebates.

Italy’s Lombardy region adds another €20 million for residential PV+storage

Italy’s most affluent region will continue to support solar+storage installations with rebates, and the authorities plan to roughly triple funding this year.


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