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The promised land of floating PV now has guidelines for proper deployment

The Netherlands-based Foundation for Applied Water Research has published a Guide for the licensing of floating solar parks on water and developed a tool to measure the effect of PV modules on water quality and quantity and the ecosystem.


Bifacial modules ridin’ down the highway

The Dutch government will deploy bifacial PV modules on noise barriers along the country’s main roads. A first, 400m solar array has been built along the A50 near Uden, in the Netherlands’ southern province of Noord-Brabant.


Dutch government launches tender for utility-scale solar noise barrier

The solar project will be built at the A58 Highway, near the municipality of Etten-Leur. More solar noise barriers, relying on bifacial module, are planned for main roads in the Netherlands.


Netherlands to install solar highway noise barriers

Dutch headquartered construction firm Heijmans has announced plans to install noise barriers featuring integrated bifacial solar modules on a 400 meter stretch of the A50 road, close to the southeastern town of Uden.


Dutch water and railway operator make space for PV

Dutch government agencies Rijkswaterstaat and ProRail are making land and water surfaces available for the installation of ground-mounted and floating PV plants, as well as for projects from other renewable technologies.

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