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New technique to improve titanium dioxide films in dye‐sensitized solar cells

Dutch scientists are producing mesoporous titanium dioxide thin films at room temperature by using the papain enzyme in a dip‐coating procedure. This fully organic process could facilitate the development of cheaper, more efficient dye‐sensitized solar cells.


Physicists shine a light on photon absorbency – research with potentially huge PV implications

Researchers were able to effect electronic transitions at different frequencies, and through a different physical process, by altering the angle at which nanolayers of gold were positioned. Being able to predict and fine-tune the nature of such transitions could have a fundamental affect on solar PV cell efficiency.


Sunrun grows, captures more market share in 2016

The third party solar company’s quarterly results show its 2016 deployments growing at double the rate of the U.S. residential market, as Sunrun begins offering energy storage and changes its relationship to utilities.

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