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Sweden hits 1 GW milestone

The Scandinavian country saw the installation of more than 400 MW of PV systems last year. The Swedish solar market keeps being driven by rooftop PV.


Sweden deployed 287 MW of solar last year

The nation’s cumulative installed solar capacity reached 698 MW at the end of December. Around 19,000 new PV systems were added last year.

Danish fjord to host 400 MW of solar

The Danish Energy Agency says there will be large scale PV projects in the Nissum Fjord area. One of the projects, under development by Better Energy in the municipality of Holstebro, has a planned generation capacity of 206 MW.


Solar growing faster than expected in Sweden

The Swedish Energy Agency this week said solar power supplies will increase from 400 GWh in 2018 to 1.7 TWh in 2022. Total energy supply in the country is expected to decline from 551 TWh to 526 TWh in the 2019-22 period, due to the shutdown of several nuclear power plants.


Small solar parks appear in Sweden

pv magazine‘s delve into unsung solar markets continues with a look at Sweden. While its installation numbers are small, solar in the Scandinavian nation has developed steadily, and megawatt scale installations are beginning to appear.

Sweden allocates $80 million for solar rebates in 2019

The sum devoted to the rebate scheme was increased by another $32.4 million on top of what the government had previously allocated. The percentage covering the costs for buying and installing a PV system will be lowered from 30% to 20%, which may result in a higher number of installations and larger growth volumes.


Finnair completes first PV installation at Scandinavian airport

Finnwind Oy has installed modules from Indian manufacturer Vikram Solar, a strategic partner for PV installation in Finland.

Sweden and Norway extend joint electricity certificate system for renewables to 2030

The governments of Sweden and Norway have come to an agreement on how the electricity certificate system for renewable energies will be further implemented. The joint market-based support system of the two Scandinavian countries is open to power plants utilizing biofuels, wind, solar, hydro and tidal energy.

Norwegian solar market sees the light with 366% growth in 2016

Around 11 MW of new PV capacity was installed last year in Norway. The volume of new installations grew by 366% compared to 2015. This growth was mainly driven by the country’s regulation for self-consumption and the green certificate scheme.


Finland to slowly use its solar potential

While it is little known for its solar power potential, PV deployment has increased in the Scandinavian country over the last two years. Community projects, a drop in prices for solar panels and a retail company have been the main drivers of this development.


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